To develop a brand identity for your online service or digital product.

How it works

A well-thought-out visual concept lies at the core of a strong brand that is to be remembered by clients.

If people recognize your brand, it will definitely help them
make a purchasing decision.


To increase the added value of your products or services

To convey the brand strategy via design

To break through the noise and help your company stand out

To rebrand and refresh visual communication tools

To define a brand positioning strategy and target specific audiences


The more often a consumer sees your brand, the more likely they will consider it for a purchase.

We engage the clients with various tools and platforms.


Social Media

Email Subscription

Presentations and Documents

Ad Banners


Visual Code of Your Company

Unified Brand Concept

We determine a unified brand concept that is to be trusted and admired by everyone interacting with the company.


Remember the elements of your brand identity and trust you more along with your products or services.


Understand that you build a credible brand, therefore you will take your agreements seriously.


Feel as a part of a unified corporate system and feel proud to work at the company.

A strong HR brand attracts top talent to the company.


In psychology, it is a known fact that we feel safer and easier with something we are already familiar with.


Benefits and Efficiency

The brand identity improves business development, increases sales and brand's reputation.
Proved to work.
We know how to get the best results possible.



We perform a competitor analysis and do business research.


We get familiar with your brand's concept and the target audience.


We suggest a well-thought-out design concept.


We prove this concept right and demonstrate its realization.


We design additional brand identity elements (e.g., merchandise, gifts, calendars etc.)


We transfer the project source data.

Systematic Approach

Branding is a part of the marketing strategy.

Well-thought-out design cuts the costs of communication with the customer. It should be made available on various media, so that no additional expenses for adaptation and support are required.

Why us?


We have been involved in design since 2011. Our team has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This has been proved by dozens of awards won in international competitions.


We implement an efficient integrated approach to branding.
All brand identity elements are easily scalable to be used on any media.


We are not creative for creative's sake. We thoroughly study the business concept, competitors, and goals.
We rely on analysis and numbers,not emotions.


We don't design a thousand options.
We suggest an effective and well-thought-out solution and we don't shift responsibility for the solution to the customer.


You are guaranteed to get the same outcome as in our agency's portfolio.
No surprises.


Should you order branding works, the result will include the following

Logo with 5-8 examples

Logo usage guideline

Additional elements of the brand identity upon request

Set of elements for ad campaigns


Clear Process

The brand identity often involves photo and video content. We help arrange the process for content creation.

We formulate the technical requirements for a photographer and videographer

We compile reference images for web design

We organize the shooting process

We control the results

We process the content and add it to the website or another platform



500,000 – 800,000 roubles

The cost depends on the additional services and elements of the brand identity.

Want to start?

If you want to discuss the development of a brand identity, send us your requirements or we can arrange a more informal phone call to go over the details.



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