SEM platforms in Russia: Yandex and Google
Integrated SEM services in the search engines of the Russian Federation: Yandex, Google, Mail. We provide internal and external SEM and SEO services. We monitor search queries daily and quickly respond to new requirements of search engines.
SEM Search engine optimization
Digital Marketing

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374 projects. 120 clients. 10 years of professional expertise RU

Website promotion

We are improving your position and attracting those who need you.

We design and produce digital content, do internal and external optimization,
daily monitor search queries, and quickly respond to new requirements
of search engines. We have in-depth knowledge
of the search engines Yandex and Google
on the Russian market.
Search audit
One-time audit of internal and external optimization of your website
1 month
starts from $2,000
SEO consulting
We set tasks for your team and control the process for
effective website promotion
starts from $2,000
Integrated SEO/SEM
We promote your website, covering the whole bundle of
tasks - from development to analytics
from 6 months
starts from $10,000