Why we do not participate in tenders that involve free work. We mean 'You show us a concept, and we'll choose from several studio' kind of requests.

3 reasons

Free work for a tender is not free for the agency. Not all tenders are winnable, which means there is a risk of wasted effort.

In order not to go broke - the risks must be distributed to other clients.

It turns out that other clients have to pay for beautiful presentations that a director of a large holding company will not like.
It sounds somehow unfair, don't you agree? On the contrary, it is necessary to take care of the existing clients, to offer them interesting variants of cooperation and to try to maintain the relationship of trust.
So we simply do not participate in this circle of tenders. This system might be good for studios that make projects on a rolling basis. As in any factory, a percentage of rejects is built into the economic model. Only in digital, instead of rejects, there is free work for tenders that do not get through.
Sorry, but free concept desings are not for us. If you know exactly what you need, you're welcome. We promise that you will not pay for someone else's whims and insecurities.