Today we're going to talk about the informal rules of Wemakefab. How we fight burnout, procrastination, and stuffiness at work.

Informal rules

Remote work is the norm. Many of our employees work this way. The main thing is that the work tasks are performed on time and with high quality. We have a system for recording working hours for this purpose. So our guys can really work from anywhere in the world if they want to.

Employees can communicate directly with customers if they want to. This gives an incredible boost to their skills and brings them closer to understanding the client's tasks. And if someone doesn't want to communicate and prefers to work via a manager, that's what they do.

No motivational speeches or operative meetings with small talk. We just work, keeping to plans and ahead of schedule. When there are no distractions, the process is faster and more comfortable.

Developers have a mentoring system in place. The most experienced employee, the team leader, is constantly in touch, monitoring projects and helping the guys with the code. If necessary, he sits down next to them, and four hands work on the project until they fully understand the process.

The head of the agency is a leader, not a "boss." He also works with us, pumps up skills and solves problems. If necessary - always supports us with advice. Also, we can go fishing or have a beer with him without any formal boundaries.


There seems to be nothing supernatural: transparent processes, adequate communication, trust and mutual respect. The main thing is that these are not just words, but real principles of work within the agency.


On the whole, these rules are not difficult to follow. The effect is much more powerful than training, strenuous team building, and all sorts of scientologist-style corporate rules. After all, only those who relish their work, will be able to make a cool site!



Director of development