Iconic Russian
IT Conference in Skolkovo
and how it was.

Russian Tech Week 2022 is 3 eventful days, 3400 attendees,
259 speakers and
a tremendous exhibition in Skolkovo.

Viktor couldn't afford to miss the conference.
The article covers overall impressions, notes
and insights.


The conference organizers invited the key players in digital business, customer representatives, heads of agencies and top managers of federal companies.
Diverse networking is an awesome way to take
a fresh look at your work tasks and challenges and
make valuable connections.

As One of the Most Organic Social Networking Solutions

It's one thing to have a business conversation in the lobby
of Skolkovo. It is a different thing to have an open
conversation among oak brooms and fragrant herbs.
This is a totally different communication experience.

The sauna relaxes, reveals and removes the masks.
It doesn't matter anymore if you are a top manager
at Yandex or a coffee shop owner. In the sauna
everyone communicates freely and informally.

All conference members drank kvass, played board
games, and discussed the health benefits of horseradish.
Easy-going and open communication is the most valuable
part at any conference especially with context in mind.
This is only one of the reasons why it is worth going to
Russian Tech Week.

As Chance to
Get Answers and Help Others Solve Their Cases

Mastermind mechanics are simple, e.g. people share their
cases and receive feedback from the group. Mastermind
at Russian Tech Week is a variety of participants'
backgrounds and experience. For example, Viktor's group
included a representative from a major IT company,
a tech guy from the fintech industry, and an owner of a
small business.

Each participant addressed the question from the
perspective of their competencies and experience.
As a result, we got a set of unique opinions and
recommendations. Such feedback is incredibly valuable
and let you look at your issue from a different angle.

Learning Day:
Interactive Discussions Instead of Plain Reports

This is a fresh and reinvigorating format that gives
attendees a chance to get involved and not just listen.
For instance, the speaker from Alfa Bank told of
the ways to formulate strong hypotheses on
company development. Before giving a speech,
he handed out questionnaires.

As the talk unfolded, the attendees filled in the forms
with the hypotheses and insights. At the end, everyone
exchanged their forms with the neighbors and provided
their feedback. The main criterion was to identify if the
theses and hypotheses were clearly spelled out.

Such an interaction makes you encounter reality and
see if your business ideas are realizable or if you may
need to get your head out of the clouds.


Russian Tech Week audience is quite
diverse. Meeting new people is always about new
ideas and emotions, forming collaborations.
Therefore, the event is recommended for those
willing to find new experiences and business contacts.