What did one of this year’s biggest events see?

Viktor talks about outstaffing. «RunIt» with a 5K run. Golden Site Award Ceremony and other events.

When we finished arranging the awards on the shelf, we sighed with relief. And here goes an article about the Russian Internet Forum (RIF) in the Wemakefab journal.

May 18 — Day 1

The opening of the RIF. The first part was about the future of Runet and analytics. Our colleagues from Avito, Ozon, Rostelecom and other major companies shared their data and predictions. All the speakers stayed positive. The day ended with the performance of great «The Hatters».


If you continue developing your professional skills, search for new opportunities and offer your clients not only working hands but high expertise, you are always in demand.


The main thesis is that everything is fine. The digital infrastructure in Russia is quite self-sufficient, no matter the difficulties it encounters. All the online services are growing and gaining strength. Those who have been working with foreign suppliers have a Plan B.

Point to Note

The demand for IT specialists has decreased, as multiple projects are frozen. Still, everyone gets it that soon the market will start reviving, with the hiring process on the rise. Therefore, IT specialists won’t go extinct from starvation, knowing that there are not too many decent specialists anyways.

May 19 — Day 2

Early morning meditation and breathing practices. Everyone was looking forward to 5- and 10K runs, and it was necessary to get the mind and body in sync. Viktor ran a 5K race in 24 minutes. It is a perfect way to get our hearts pumping and get a flood of endorphins released before masterminds and other activities.


Remember, there are no stupid questions. Most experienced professionals should share their expertise with beginners. This approach works not only within a team or company, but within the whole digital world.


Mastermind groups are an effective tool and an amazing format that help find a solution to a problem while helping everyone else in the group. The main thing is to be bold enough to ask questions, even those that seem silly. Being in a circle of professional but unfamiliar people, you can get really valuable advice.

Point to Note

Discussing tasks and problems creates a closer connection between people. Networking in mastermind groups works more effectively, as everyone gets the context more promptly. And thus, «small talks» about the weather can be avoided, as not everyone likes them.

Golden Site
Award Ceremony

The competition was in March and the long-awaited awards ceremony took place at the RIF only in May. We reminded ourselves once again of our victory and emotions, and collected the awards.


This year the competition was incredibly harsh and we saw a relentless struggle in every award category. We spent much time designing cases, texts, and visual content. And here are the results: we have won 7 awards in the Golden Site competition – 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze award.

Point to Note

Any award for us is an acknowledgement that we are doing the right thing, focusing on every little detail and trying to do the work to the best possible degree. We’ve already written an article about the awarded projects. It provides the cases that captivated the jury of the Golden Site, with our personal attitudes to each of them.

May 20 — Day 3

It was a day of useful content and smart reports. Viktor gave a talk on «Striking the perfect balance between outstaffing and outsourcing» – with lots of real data and memes in the presentation. We spoke about serious subjects informally, feeling at ease.


The market is changing. The requirements have been getting tougher for agencies. The stakes are dropping. And this means that everyone needs to focus on expertise and quality – in both outsourcing and outstaffing. You can even say that the format is not that important. The main goal is to concentrate on solving the client’s issues with maximum benefit and high quality.


While prepping for the presentation, you can take a look at the work you do from a different angle. Occasionally, you come to discover something new – even in the most mundane activities. To make a great speech, you need to think of your audience first. What are they going to be interested in if they know what you have got?

Point to Note

Even before the crisis, we talked about the fact that outstaffing implies potential risks for the agency. Now it is time to adapt and build the agency's development strategy with no imbalance.


Agencies and people are evolving, even with you-know-what. Fresh ideas, cool projects and great experts are out there and will definitely stay.