How to drastically change your life and start a digital career.

Mikhail used to work at a vehicle pawn shop, Pyaterochka store and in the furniture industry.

He was 28, when he decided to change his life and go digital. In such cases, we always wonder how hard it was to switch careers and adapt.

We spoke with Mikhail to find out how to build a software developer career path, regardless of age.

It’s never too late to learn

You learn to program to grasp our world’s complexity.

Mistakes are more useful than success.

If something doesn’t work, this is a chance to dig deeper into the issue and learn from it. Whereas accidental success can add up to self-confidence and play a cruel trick on you later. While again, mistakes will definitely make you search for solutions and develop your skills.

Love your mistakes. They are your best teachers.

The team of highly competent specialists motivates to become one.

Unconsciously, we adjust to the people around us. Therefore, working with professionals who demand much from themselves and others can be truly beneficial and you are simply destined to develop your skills.

Even at lunchtimes, feeling entirely at ease and relaxed, you may find yourself listening to some essential insight from your colleagues. While you have not formulated your question yet, a ready-made answer has already been shared with you.

You cannot evolve without occasional stagnation and setbacks.

It is crucial to give yourself time to rest, as burnouts have never been good for anybody. Try to stay out of new challenges for a week or two.

Theory fuels practice and vice versa.

It is hard to get theoretical principles with lack of practical experience. Yet, as you understand the general principles, you will strive to find better technologies.

No matter how many times you have read articles about OOP concepts — until you start writing code, you won’t get much out of this. Still, coding without basic knowledge won’t be smart either.

Common sense helps you make the right decisions.

As an engineer, it is better to make up your own mind and not to blindly follow someone or something. People around can speak differently, and only pure logic yields the same results.

Practical use

Mikhail is currently involved in development of complex digital products and online services. The right ideas lie at the core of professional development.