Design Weekend
is not about cases and fonts, but about people who have inner strength to make the world a better place.

The meetings are held in small cities rich with history and their own atmosphere. The 39th meeting took place in Kostroma and saw around 2,000 visitors.

Konstantin, our PR manager, a fan of ancient Russian cities, smart designers and good networking, came as one of the visitors. The article outlines overall impressions and ideas.

Design is about Honesty

We use the talking points from the very first talk given by the event organizers in the article subtitles. Each talking point states the principle of Design Weekend accurately and concisely.


Each talk attracted people of different ages and professions. Everyone said what they believed was right. This created a transparent and sincere atmosphere. The speakers answered sharp questions, e.g. «Who needs design, if not the designers themselves?» which aroused a lively discussion. And this is great for any event.

Point to Note

When a group of experts come together, an exciting dialogue will inevitably start, as everyone is going to share their own views and ideas. We will see who is right, when the ideas get to the implementation stage and the research is conducted. However, it is still vital to make the first step, bring everyone together and provide an opportunity to speak.

Design is about Timeliness

Timeliness is crucial not only for design, but also for the product and people. You simply cannot properly evaluate work results or other things and events, ignoring the time and context. You could read this idea between the lines multiple times.


Any product should solve a problem. It could be a minor issue for most people but still be a problem. And this is where the context is of great importance. The talk could be really nice but it makes a real difference when the speaker comes late for the event. Similarly, website design could be great and modern, but it is meaningless when isolated from business processes.

Point to Note

If you are an expert, you should always stay in context, paying attention to every detail around. Then you manage to hit your targets. If you want to change the world and produce decent products, you should learn this skill. Look around and try to understand what people may need right now.

Design is about Love

When awesome people meet at one place, inevitably, they will start coming up with fresh ideas, helping each other become a better version and change the world. Cozy Kostroma is an excellent platform for this.


Some are afraid of networking and others are not, wanting to know everyone they are somehow interested in. Later everyone finds their group based on shared interests, and they start meeting each other in between the talks or at lunchtime. It's magic that happens at a good conference.

Point to Note

Did many people get to know Wemakefab? No, not many. But those who got to know us are really cool people. Photographers, project managers, psychologists, landscape designers, just designers are among them. Every new contact is great, as it is people who create a better environment for us to live and work in. The stronger the experts around us, the higher our own level.


The organizers of Design Weekend gave everyone freedom to speak and be honest, they did
not interfere with people’s meetups and their desires
to create. This appears incredibly valuable and we do love such a business approach. We are delighted to
be a part of the community, and we will be further
striving to bring benefits and buzz to the design field.