Search engine promotion and contextual advertising of a repair company
We developed and launched a strategy for search engine promotion from scratch and contextual advertising for a company that provides minor household repair services: plumbing works, electrician services, husbands for an hour and etc. Implemented end-to-end analytics and achieved the scheduled rates
plumbing electric repair SEO promotion context
Digital Marketing

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374 projects. 120 clients. 10 years of professional expertise RU
Usability audit

End-to-end analytics

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374 projects. 120 clients. 10 years of professional expertise RU

The company already had an in-house internet marketing department,
however the results weren’t satisfactory: there was
no understanding by CPA and CAC, end-to-end analytics
wasn’t tuned, efficiency of channels wasn’t monitored.

It was necessary to build the work from scratch
for search engine optimization of the website, contextual
advertising, end-to-end analytics.
To understand the effectiveness of advertisement
campaigns and optimize them.


The text optimization

All texts have been completely rewritten for actual search engines requirements



We made a usability analysis of the website and changes for improving behavioral metrics and conversion rates


Live Content

We filled the site with unique text and photo content for more user engagement and increased loyalty from search engines

Mmonthly traffic

Organic traffic and PPC-sources



organic traffic

Comparison of similar periods


Leads from PPC sources

without the advertising budget increasing


Reduced the cost per lead

From PPC sources


improving behavioral metrics

Contextual Advertising
End-to-end Analytics


The SEO tasks in this case are repeated and comply with the rules developed by us. Therefore we assembled a "production line", in which 7 people from the agency and the customer take part: SEO specialists, copywriters, designers, developers and project managers. Each specialist is responsible for his area and transfers the task further along the chain to the next participant within the overall CRM. The process of the website promotion turned out to be so clear that we completely abandoned monthly reporting, tracking only KPI.

Contextual Advertising

We have completely redesigned the current structure of the advertising campaign: we worked more deeply on the semantic core, radically changed the display strategy . As part of the advertising campaign, we tested different creatives and sources, tracking the cost not only of the lead, but also the qualifications. Due to deep elaboration we could reduce the cost of a lead from PPC sources by 2 times.

End-to-end Analytics

At the time of the work beginning on integrated Internet marketing, analytics was based only on feelings. Therefore, the primary task was to assess the effectiveness of existing advertising campaigns by integrating end-to-end analytics. We began to count and evaluate the maximum available number of parameters within the sales funnel, based on which the existing campaigns were evaluated and new KPIs were written.

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