Case: internet marketing and lead generation in the B2B field
Promotion in social networks and contextual advertising for a company in the B2B field, selling software. Increase in leads by 2 times
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Digital Marketing

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374 projects. 120 clients. 10 years of professional expertise RU

Eye-to-eye analytics
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374 projects. 120 clients. 10 years of professional expertise RU

Develop and launch an advertising campaign aimed at lead
generation from B2B clients. The decision-making cycle
is not easy - the purchasing decision “sprouts”
from the technical specialist to the head of the
department and then falls on the shoulders
of the director. Therefore, the secondary task
of online promotion was to increase the
company's presence in the information field.


Landing Page

Landing pages, website, shopping cart - different entities

6 months data

Number of conversions by advertising source

In numbers


Advertising campaign

>300 leads


Increase organic traffic


Incoming calls

Targeted advertising
Contextual advertising


We used cross-domain tracking via GTM, wrote guides and instructions for correctly connecting new entities to our analytics (webinar promo pages, other partner pages). While we were working, a decision came to use two GTMs in order to separate the processes of web analytics and advertising activity. This made it possible, on the one hand, to collect data on all involved traffic, including partner traffic, and, on the other hand, not to be confused with the data of the company's own traffic.

Targeted advertising

The advertising campaign was launched on Facebook and Instagram. The main KPI was the number of contacts with the audience and the involvement in the study of information about the product on the customer's website. During the advertising campaign on social networks, we reached about 100,000 users with an average touch frequency of 6.77. The CTR of the ads was 1.1%, and the CR for the source "advertising in social networks" was 1.47%.

Contextual advertising

In order to deploy an effective advertising campaign, we processed more than 250,000 search queries, performed clustering, formed negative queries and, as a result, received 46 advertising campaigns, 12 of which are media.Advertising campaigns KPI- request for a trial-version for awareness and online product’s purchase on the website. Within 6 months of the advertising campaign, creatives have collected almost 300,000 impressions, 19,000 clicks and more than 300 qualified leads.

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